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Biology EE help -- Effect of sound on the phytogeography of Algae

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The effect of sound(sonotrophism) on the phytogeography of Algae

--Phytogeography --- The geography of flora or plant life; where botany and physical geography overlap.

So with this I want to investigate if sounds have an effect of how dispersed algae is an environment (am looking more into water based environments but algae can grow in any environment) .

There's been a lot of research on noise pollution, and how it would affect animals in wildlife. However, no so much on actual plant life.

Algae itself is known to be autotrophs(primary producers) . Which means they are fundamental to all the food chains in the world. One example---( salamanders eat algae. Small mammals eat salamanders. Big mammals eat small mammals. Then humans can eat the Big mammals) . Obviously they are thousands of other examples with algae.

  • So how dispersed algae is vital to the future of all species (including humans since we basically at the top of the food chain) .
  • As population rises so does the noise pollution.

  • So this question will be answering(holistic judgement i think) whether or not noise pollution is adding to the Global, human destruction of all flora and fauna based on the importance of algae as a primary producer.

- I do realize that i will have to mention the specific type of Algae ( like the genus and species thing). That shouldn't be a problem for me though

What do you think about the question? Any flaws? Something I should keep in mind?

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