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EE: investigation

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So as you can guess by the topic, I'm writing my EE in history.

My RQ is: For what reasons and to what extent did the Nuremberg Trials fail to bring all of the Nazi War Criminals to justice?

I have finished the introduction and I cannot complain about the lack of sources, however I have no idea what I should do next.

What I have learnt from here *** is that I should start my investigation with an outline of it. However, I haven't seen it in all of the 'example' essays that are online. Is it really requested to give it a separate paragraph? Should I also do the OPVL evaluation? Or I can just explain the three factors I decided to choose with simple citing and referring to the sources?

Any help would be most welcome and sorry I'm really just off the boat with that

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Before writing your essay you should have at minimum a general plan that you'll follow (at least somewhat, it's OK to change it) so you know what kinds of information you'll be including, where it's going to go in your essay, etc. Don't write it without knowing what you're going to do, it will be disorganized and poor quality. This is just for you to do to help you, which is why you haven't seen it in the examples as those are finished copies.

You also need to do OPVL in order to score well. You can do it any way you want, just make sure it flows well with the rest of your essay. Don't put your evaluations in the footnotes because examiners aren't required to read them. It doesn't have to be a full paragraph per source, just a few sentences for your most important sources and primary sources as well.

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