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"no credit awarded" for universities

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i was loooking for the IB requirments for us universities, then i saw many universities saying that there is "no credit awarded" for this subject?? what does this mean?

for example, many of the universties said this for english B higher?? what does this mean ?

thank you,

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To my understanding you can use certain IB courses in order to get out of completing more courses at University (in the US you earn "credits" for taking courses). So if you use your IB courses to exchange for these virtual "credits", then you don't have to take as many courses at the University. It's sort-of like a token exchange system, so to complete a year you must have earnt a certain number of credits per year. If you can claim your IB subjects to be worth 1 or 2 credits and you need 10 to complete the year, then you only need to earn 8 or 9 credits' worth of courses when you get there :P So you can sleep in on a Friday morning or whatever instead of going to lectures for a course.

English B is just english-as-a-foreign language, so I think they're saying you can't use it to duck out of attending the English course you'd have to earn credits for at University. In the US they make you take a lot of stock subjects regardless of your degree - I think English, Maths, some sort of Arts subject etc. are often required even if you have no interest in them. It's a bit like the IB in that regard!

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's your answer :) The US is the only place I know where their Universities will count the IB twice! When you think about it, you basically get to do one set of work and use it not only in one year but also the next. Most other places around the world expect University work to be extension from the IB as opposed to exchangeable for the IB.

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