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ComputerScience EE HELP!

I really need an advice on my topic for EE, I'll be doing it in ComputerScience.

Which Sort and Search algorithms is most efficient in a large IT information database such as the national Library?

more info on the topic:
Basically i will explain each sort ans search algorithm and compare them with each other, which will take less time, which is most effective when i come to large amount of data, etc. then I will look at information databases, and how these algorithms are used, and which will be most suitable.

my concern:
is it a good topic? how can i improve it? what can i add more?

please, please help me s-smilie.gif

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It's a good start, but it need narrowing down. I would recommend selecting a few different ones and comparing those instead. That way you can select algorithms that are appropriate to your level, compared to looking for a "most efficient" one that is overly complex. In addition since efficiency can vary depending on the usage, you probably would also need to look at a specific database to determine what operations are most frequently used, etc.

Also, I would recommend trying to stick with as few algorithms as you can. Depth of analysis and evaluation is important here, I personally would stick to something like 2-3 at most, if not only one. An EE is only 4000 words after all, you wouldn't have enough time nor words to go into sufficient depth if you select too many (especially when you include proofs and such for correctness, running time, etc).

Sounds like an interesting topic though, good luck!

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