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Economics IA HL (micro) help on petrol tax

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My article for my economics IA is on a rise in petrol tax in NZ. I was wondering if you guys can think of any other evaluation points for that?

So far, I've got

- demand price inelastic

- impact on low income earners

- substitutes with public transport

- possible increase in demand for fuel-efficient cars

Are there any more I can include? Please do help!

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talk about the share holders when taxes increases, not just the low income owners but also the increase in government spending due to increase in government revenues , which basically means increase in merit goods

Talk about the long run effects as well.

Due to the decrease in petrol you can talk about the decrease in pollution which is basically negative externalities and market failure

ANd im not sure about this point ! But wouldnt the increase in technology due to increase in fuel efficient cars imply a shift in ppc curves

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