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Primary sources in History EE

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I'm wondering if there's a limit to how many primary sources I should use in my Extended Essay. Since I'm writing about US involvement in Chile during Allende's presidency, there's a massive amount of declassified intelligence documents that I can use as primary sources, and I was wondering if there's some sort of recommended number of primary sources. I also only have two secondary sources, and I wanted to know if that would be enough.


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Hey there!

There are no limits as I know of, the only criterion is that you have to use the sources in the bibliography one way or another. There are no recommended number of primary sources. For some topics, it is impossible to include primary sources, whilst for other topics, there's too many first-hand sources to include in an EE. Just make sure the primary sources are relevant to your essay. I would try to increase the number of secondary sources, though. The way you write the EE will form how many primary and secondary sources you'll need, but two secondary sources is very little.

Good luck!

EDIT: Made a sentence a bit clearer.

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