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EE Literature A1

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Hi, I'm doing my extended essay in literature and my essay question is 'to what extent does Ayn Rand’s philosophy, objectivism, play a role in the duality present in Anthem?'. Do you think this is a good research question? Is it narrow enough?

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The risk with this formulation is that this EE will become a philosophy essay,mor dwell on literary theory, when more literary treatment is called for. You could keep some aspect of your present topic (if you insist on keeping it), only reformulating your question so that the literary focus is clear(er).

"Duality" is vague. It is not clear what YOU mean by it, though an examiner will try to guess.

And the final point is that your question is very easily answered. "YES - to a great extent". If it is research you are doing, then for this same topic, you'd be better off starting "In what ways...?" Or "How...?" But as I said before, you want to be sure to include a literary dimension to your lit. EE.

A little by the way: It strikes me that almost everyone this year is choosing " to what extent..." questions. Has this become the default question? It seems more pertinent to History or the Social Sciences, a little less obviously so to literature studies.

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