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CAS TOK question

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So, my IB-coordinator said that in our cas diaries, we are supposed to answer the following question

Describe an experience that provides an example of a concept that you learned about or discussed in TOK.

It's connected to TOK, as you can see. MY question is, do you have to do this as well? And what exactly is it required of us? Any examples would be great.

Thank you!


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What? We never had to do anything like that.

In our reflection, we basically wrote about stuff to demonstrate that we met the CAS objectives (increased awareness of strengths and growths, developed new skills, etc. - you can find them on the CAS outline (it should be downloadable - I just found a pdf in my IB folder and can't remember where I got it from).

But do check with your IBC and maybe your CAS coordinator. In the end, it'll be your IBC and CAS coordinator that determines whether you 'pass' or 'fail' CAS.

All the best!

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