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Math Studies IA Ideas

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Hello IB community !

I am having a bit of trouble formulating a good topic for the math studies IA. I have an idea about what i want to do it on; the correlation between goals scored by premier league forwards who started the match compared to those who came off the bench. Or the probability of a forward coming off the bench scoring as compared to one who started. Can someone please help me better/improve these ideas ? What aspects would I need to consider if I selected one of these topics?

Thanks in Advance !


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Modelling musical chords

Finding the volume and area of Earth

Birthday Paradox


Traffic flow

Golden Ratio

Lots of topics out there. Go online to check more out. I'm sure you'll find more out.

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The answer above doesn't really answer your question I'm afraid, because 1) it's a math studies IA, not an exploration and 2) you're not asking for new topics.

Anyway I don't really understand your question, firstly are you talking about football (soccer if you prefer)?

Also, your idea doesn't seem to lend itself to a good Studies IA since as far as I know it's meant to be presented in the form "how does X affect Y?" (or similar) so that you can easily preform the statistical tests you need to get full marks on the math part. In addition to that, since a criterion is "commitment" the best way to show that is to gather data yourself - something you can't do with this topic (however, it isn't necessary.)

I suggest you read this post if you haven't already. It's really helpful and breaks down everything you need to do to get the best marks on your IA. Good luck!

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