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How to achieve full marks in Criterion C of TOK Presentation?

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could help me clarify how to achieve full marks in Criterion C of the TOK Presentation. What I am really asking is how are we supposed to demonstrate the significance of the topic? Can anyone give an example of how to demonstrate significance of a topic?

For those who have already had their presentations, and maybe gotten a good mark, how did you score in Criterion C and what did you do to achieve this?

Thank you

PS: This is what is needed to get a 5 in Knower's Perspective (Criterion C): The presentation, in its distinctively personal use of arguments and examples or otherwise, showed clear personal involvement and fully demonstrated the significance

of the topic
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I scored the highest grade by using quite obvious examples and my real life situation was from my own experience.

For example, talking about visual perception: mention if you ever met/know someone who is blind?

When you explain the example, keep objective, don't get stuck in the details.

Hope it helped :)

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