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Mathematics EE: Topic Opinions?

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Hello everyone,

I am currently starting my EE and have come up with some brief topics that interest me. I just want some feedback, suggestions and recommandations from you guys. So here are the topics:

- The effectiveness of the use of geometry and parent functions to model the structure of the seven

wonders of the world.

- The effectiveness of trigonometric functions to model the sound waves of music.

- Analysing, Solving, and Extending on a Mathematic Olympiad problem/or a one of the problems on the Euclid Math Contests (Waterloo Contests).

So, what do you guys think?

Thanks all

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On a general note, you don't need to post the same thread in the EE and HL maths section. This forum is small enough that both would be seen either way, it just creates added clutter since you have two simultaneous conversations going on. Stick with just one in the future, it's simpler that way.

As for the topics, I can't see how the first one would work. It's not only too broad, but it sounds like there's minimal maths involved if you are mentioning parent functions. For the second, it's a good starting point as you may be able to go into depth with it, but just modeling it with trig functions really isn't enough. The third option can be a good choice, but you really need to find a suitable problem first.

As I mentioned in the previous thread however, you really can't start thinking about topics until you've covered it in class and gotten to grips with it. An EE in maths usually (thought not always) requires you to go above the level of the syllabus content-wise, so make sure you've covered the syllabus first. To me it sounds like you are trying to use knowledge from your earlier years to find a topic, but chances are it won't be sufficient. Besides, you still have plenty of time to come up with a topic.

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