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Hey I'm in first year IB and am supposed to be handing in my topic to my mentor soon. I was just wondering if you guys can pleas give me some feed back on some of my ideas. Thank you.

-The investigation of geometric series in a musical instrument
-Mathematics in Lottery
-Is there a relationship between thinking mathematically and thinking in chess? (Analyzing a specific chess game using combinatorial game theory, and just game theory in general)
-The relation between the temperature and conductivity in insulators and conductors
-Guitar strings and Meresenne's law
-Measuring the speed of light (?)
-If taking out all religious things from history how would it affect our society today?
-A bias comparison between two countries and their history curriculum (or just a certain historical event)
-Societies need for Authoritarian Totalitarians

I'm a big fan of the chess topic but not too sure about it. And for physics I wanted to do something theoretical in either Quantum, particle, nuclear, or astrophysics but never came up with a good topic.

What do you guys think?

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I can't really comment on any of your math and physics ones, but none of your history topics are very good to be quite honest. In a history EE, you're usually analyzing an event in some form, whether it be the causes of it, the effects of it, how it occurred, or a person/group's involvement played a role in it. It also has to be an event that occurred at least ten years ago, so comparing it to anything today would cause you to do poorly (so scratch topic 1). The second one isn't too good because of course there is bias in history curricula, that's too obvious a question. And the third one is no good, because you can't talk about anything happening in the present, and you can't talk about "just society in general."

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