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I am very behind in my Extended Essay because, excluding the fact that I have been slacking off, I am very confused with how I am going to approach this. Another problem to add on to this is that my school does not teach IB Psychology so I'm not exactly sure if my topic is even in the Psychology field, which is not a very good sign. I know that it is not recommended to choose a subject area that isn't taught in your school, but it interested me at the time.

I was thinking about making my research question along the lines of "To what extent is the Applied Behavioural Analysis Program a better therapy for children with autism than the Intensive Behavioural Intervention Program?"

The arguments I managed to come up with were:

1) The ABA program is less intense which is good for when a child transitions out of the program

2) The ABA program is better in a school environment

3) Funding is better for the ABA program

4) The ABA program targets highest priority skills which is more beneficial

I haven't completed too much work after this mainly because I'm not sure if this is good enough to continue. Also, almost all of the resources that I've found were internet-based sources, which I believe is not recommended as well.

Should I continue with this topic or would it be better for me to come up with something else?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

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Your topic is very focused and specific. If you have enough material and studies to write 4000 words about it then you should go ahead.

When you say internet based sources, do you mean random web pages?

Ideally you need to use journal articles or books. Use google scholar to search for articles and I can help you get the pdfs if they require journal access.

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Thank you! Now I feel more confident to continue!

Some of the internet based sources that I found were general autism organization websites and official websites that give information about these two programs. I'm not sure if I'm able to use them for this essay though. I will definitely use google scholar to continue with my research! I can't get access to some of the pdfs because they require spending money, but I think I can find other information. Thank you very much!

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