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Psychology - Evaluation?

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Hey guys, so as my topic title suggests I'm doing my EE in Psychology. My research question is: To what extent does short-term memory impairment, as a result of depression, affect academic performance?

So far in my essay I have outlined the Multi-Store Model of Memory and have just summarized a few case studies pertaining to my topic, and honestly I don't really know what else I should do.

I'm confused about how to analyze/evaluate these studies. I've tried writing out the limitations of the studies I found as you would do in a Paper 3 (ex. ethics, disadvantages of the research method), but I don't think I'm approaching the EE the right way..

Any help would be much appreciated!

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I suggest you google "50 excellent extended essays psychology" and look at the IBO exemplar essays. You can see how other people who did very well structured their EEs and it should hopefully give you a bit of inspiration in terms of how you can achieve a similar thing with your topic. I don't know enough about Psych EEs to give you any more useful advice than that, but looking at exemplars really helped me :)

Good luck!

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