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While studying for my psychology test I noticed that in the psychology book we use (Psychology Course Companion- http://hintaseuranta.fi/API/image/292391/jpg800x465)

for each of the core topics there are extra sections titled "An integrative look at (e.g. criminal behavior/happiness/prejudice and discrimination)". The sections basically analyze a specific behavior through a biological, socio-cultural and cognitive perspective. There are, however, no learning outcomes directly related to these subsections... So I'm confused :( Do I have to know them and learn the studies? Can they ask something about these in the finals? Or are they just like extra?

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in my finals..they didnt ask about them. although my teacher told us to just briefly go over it just in case. But since there are no learning outcomes, its not mandatory. Just go through past papers and you'll get an idea about it

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