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Math exploration advice

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I chose my math exploration topic but don't really what to write.

"how long will it take to sail 50 nautical miles with a windspeed of 11 m/s"

If you guys have any advice on how you would conduct the exploration and how to start, I would be extremely grateful!

(do not take physics)

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Hi there, I don't know anything at all about navigation and sailing, but that question seems to simple and unclear. If you do want to stick with it, you should say in which direction your boat will be sailing and the direction in which the wind will be moving. However I think before you start writing your IA, you should probably ask your teacher if your topic is suitable.

Personally, if I were you, I'd think of a more general question, one with which you can reach a general conclusion. Maybe something like: How does a sailboat's speed in the eastward direction (0° when looking at the unit circle) depend on the wind speed and its direction? (You might want something more refined - this is just a somewhat rushed suggestion) Using a question of similar nature you can conclude with a formula expressing the boat speed in terms of wind speed and direction (and probably the area of the sails, mass of the boat...)

Hope this helped, good luck!

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