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Questions Mondiales - Presentation in French

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Hi everyone! In two weeks we have to do our first presentation, a 5-7 minute powerpoint based on a global issue. I'm not sure if anyone would have done this before but it is for SL French! Here's what I have to choose from...

-Food & water


-International economy



-Poverty & famine

-Racism & discrimination

-Global warming, natural catastrophes

-Reserving energy

-Our impact on nature

I obviously do not have the best French skills and really need to choose one of these that would be easier for me to do in French. I'd most likely do the presentation in English and then translate it into French. I'd really appreciate if someone replied to this today or tomorrow since I'm choosing my topic tomorrow. This also is not just a project that I need help on, it was one of the things the teacher went over today on big assesments. This is definitely not high up there but it still counts for something!

Thanks :)

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What you want to do, is obviously take the easiest subject, as it gives you an advantage. Food and Water is by fa the easiest subject to talk about, because it is such a wide subjects and has no limits. At the same time if you want to make it a bit more complex, you can talk about the different cultures and how each culture has their own famous dishes and so on.

I do HL French and my teacher always tells me to use many linking sentences and words. If u choose and easier topic, it gives you the chance to really work on how u will present it and structure it.

Good luck, I hope this helped (Y)

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It could also depend on what other subjects you do, e.g if you do Geography and/ or Economics than globalization may not be that bad. Or alternatively you could pick whatever you feel most passionately about.

When you translate it to french, try not to anglicize phrases too much.

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