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HP Quiz

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Yeah I'm a Potterhead. Say whatever you want. But I can't be the only one on here. So to all the Potterheads here, let's unite and have a quiz thread.

It can be from the books or movies or maybe trivia.

When asking your question, state what book or movie if you want.

After posting, just wait for someone else to answer.

The next person can ask a new question if he/she is confident with the answer. Or someone else can ask if he/she is confident with the answer that was given by someone else. Otherwise, wait for the asker to confirm.

Maybe we can have a discussion forum in the future. Should we have some sort of point system? Or will that be too much trouble?

I'll start:

1. [OotP Book]: What was the date Harry encountered the dementors and what was the date of his disciplinary hearing?

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YES! I'm a huge potterhead! My extended essay was on how mythology in Harry Potter can be used to teach lessons to kids! Anyways as an answer to your question...

I could not find the date he encountered the dementors, but his court date was on August 12, at 9am.

My question is...

What are the names of three books Hogwarts students had to have by Gilderoy Lockheart?

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Wanderings with Werewolves
A Year with a (or is it 'the'?) Yeti
Voyages with Vampires

That's 3, here's a few more:

Holiday with a Hag (I think)
Travellings with Trolls (probably not word for word)

Now for the question,

[GoF book]: Golden egg song (Doesn't have to be word for word).

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Come seek us where our voices sound

We cannot sing above the ground

And while you're searching ponder this

We've taken what you'll sorely miss

An hour long you'll have to look

And to find what we took

But past an hour, the prospect's black

Too late it's gone, and it won't come back

I think that's pretty close to being right...

That's what it is in the book anyways

(HP and the Philosopher's Stone) How many presents did Dudely get for his birthday?

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yep very close!

"and to recover what we took"

"too late it's gone it won't come back" (I think)

er 36?

I'm not too sure so I'm not asking a question.

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It's 36 my fellow potterheads!

so annyways my question is...dun dun dunn

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, what is Albus Dumbledore's favorie candy?

I'm currently procratinating from doing my chemistry Lab Report :pp

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