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I have some time to think as I will start IB programme next September.

I initially thought about such a choice of topics

HL Geography

HL English

HL Economics (if possible) if not History HL/German HL/Maths HL

SL Polish (no choice unfortunately)

SL Physics (better than Biology and Chemistry)

SL Maths

Unfortunately, I'm not sure whether Economics HL will be there next year or not.

I'd love to study Economics in GB after IB, but I recently heard I need Maths HL for it[and grade 7 also :o]. I don't feel very strong in maths, I'm definitely not bad in maths that I was taught in Polish programme[won some competitions], but it is said that the IB programme is much harder and I don't know if I will manage it.

What do you think about it?

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There could a reason for the subject requirements. I'd advise you to check the actual course content, as some of the higher tier universities that require maths HL actually have a lot of maths related content in them. So to ignore the requirements could be to your disadvantage. Also it's not advisable to not meet the minimum requirements, unless you somehow make up for it in some other way. I.e an AS/ A level grade in Maths or any other related qualification.

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Use UCAS to find a university or the specific course you want to study. Some of them will require you to take HL maths however not all. HL maths is very demanding and it is for those who either really enjoy maths or are incredibly good at maths. Have a chat with your current maths teacher and ask them if you could meet the demand that comes with HL. You can also call some of the universities that you're interested in to see what exactly they're interested in. However, to study economics in the UK you cannot take studies. SL is the minimum that you can take for econ.

Hope this helps.

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