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Feedback on my ITGS EE RQ

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Hi there,

I was wondering if I could garner some feedback on my ITGS Extended Essay Research Question, and any suggestions to improve it.

My Topic is - Tablets for Educational Purposes in Schools

My Research Question variants are

- Is the current usage of IPads in Choithram International School justified?

- How has implementation of IPads in classrooms impacted the school?

- Is the use of IPads in Choithram International Justifiable? And what steps could be taken in order to improve the current system.

While suggesting an alternative format, here are a few pointers -

I really want to integrate how the school is currently doing, how the school plans on doing, what are the drawbacks of the current system and how could we improve the current system?

Also, we can suggest improvements in the current system in our extended essays can't we?

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Lol I literally just replied to your other post telling you to do this ^^^. So I guess nevermind my other reply.

I think it's a good topic and your different variants of the question could all be incorporated into your EE, maybe as separate sub-headings or paragraphs. So, for example, your research question could be something like 'to what extent has the implementation of iPads as an educational tool at Choithram International School had a positive impact on the education of students'. My wording isn't great but my point is that you could have something relatively broad and still talk about 'impact' and 'justification' because I think they're both valid points to look at. IB encourages us to do local topics, so I think yours is really good. Good luck with your EE!

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