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Hi guys,

My tok presentation is in 3 days and i need help coming up with ideas for my tok oral.

Here is my Knowledge Issue:

"how can i know when capital punishment is morally justifiable in a democratic system"

My real life situation is the Boston bomber case and the fact that he is being considered for the death penalty by USA.

I need help with coming up with good arguments and ideas for what to include in the oral. any help will really be appreciated :D

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I think your knowledge issue is too specific. You need to take your real life situation and take from it a knowledge issue that is much broader. It needs to not have words like capital punishment and democratic system in it. You should also try and use TOK terms in your question, such as mentioning the specific ways of knowing you will use (change the 'morally' to 'ethically' and you're using the Area of Knowledge ethics, which is good).

Other than that, think of different perspectives that would arise from your Knowledge Issue, and remember not to focus your presentation on your real life situation - you are only using that to extract a knowledge issue from.

Good luck!

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Thats a really helpful comment Alpaca! thanks a lot for your suggestion :D

the thing is that my knowledge issue before was "to what extent is capital punishment justified" but then my Tok teacher told me that that was very vague and advised me to narrow it down to democracy so it would be more focused. do you think i wont be able to have enough content if i do this?

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