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Visual Arts EE help

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Hey everyone!

Let me just start by saying that Im doing an EE on a Visual Arts topic and I just had a meeting with my EE advisor today. He told me some things about my paper and what he thinks I should do, but I only have a week (he didn't get a chance to talk to me prior to today) to do my revisions.

Basically, my EE question is: "To what extent does Pablo Picasso’s artwork from 1901 to 1940 degrade women through the usage of art elements and culture?"

Even though he originally told me the question was good, he told me today that he thinks it's too broad. Instead, he suggested that I go more in depth and look at a smaller scope of Picasso's work (1901-1920). He then said that I could focus extremely in depth at art between this time period and focus on the culture of modernism in Picasso's work at that time. I have 9 paintings total that I would be referencing if I trimmed my essay's scope. I would also lose about 4 sources I have since they only pertain to the parts I would be cutting out. I'd be down to about 1400 words total, and it seems overwhelming to write 1600 words in that time. I do have two new sources I could use, but I would also have to do a lot of rewriting at the last minute.

I'm really confused as to what I should do. Should I keep moving forward with my original question and do tiny bits of editing, or should I rework my essay and use a smaller time period of Picasso's work?

Also, yes, I know it's bad that I waited until a week before my deadline to get help, but I'm a special circumstance in my IB class because im the only one doing an art ee and no one really knows how to handle it since it's so uncommon. (The coordinator, my advisor, etc)

Anyways, thanks to anyone who can help me with this!

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It all depends on how you want your EE to be graded. If you cut a few paintings, you'll be able to go more in depth with the paintings you have already analyzed. It's likely that your teacher wouldn't be saying this if your current analysis wasn't a little too generalize-y already. It sucks that you only have a week, though.
I'd suggest you go back into the paintings he asked you to analyze more, and start writing. Make is as deep as you can. Forget about word count. In the long run, 1600 words isn't all that much. Once you're satisfied, you can then go in and cut what you need to from the extraneous paintings.
Best of luck!

HL: Visual Arts, Theatre Arts, English A Lit
SL: Spanish B, Environmental Systems, Math

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