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Historical Investigation Topic : Waffen-SS

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I was thinking of ways to narrow down my Historical Investigation topic and Initially I wanted to write about Hitler's influence on Himmler's rise to power but I found it too difficult to research.

Now I am thinking of "To what extent was the Waffen-SS responsible for failure of Operation Barbarossa?" Is it too narrow? Too overdone? Impossible to argue?

Thank you.

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Hitler is a topic that is overdone, but I think your topic might be just narrow and uncommon enough, and more of a 'course of WWII' topic than 'Hitler' topic to be okay. And narrow is good, so don't worry about it being too narrow.

I don't think it is impossible to argue, although remember that since you have a 'To what extent topic', you will need to make sure you look at other arguments and other possible causes of failure.

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