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Help - having troubles with World Literature Thesis

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Guest Sunshine123


I am just wondering whether it is ok to have a world literature thesis similar to the following:

The sun symbolizes ___1____ and _____2___ respectively and then through the use of setting it then suggests that ______3____

and then for my first paragraph it focuses purely on part 1, second paragraph purely on part 2 and then third paragraph purely on part 3? What's different for this thesis is that it doesn't really wrap up everything in one short statement, instead, there's three parts to it.

What do you think? Thanks in advance!

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I don't think the World Literature task still exists in the new English syllabus...?

Your 'thesis' can be whatever you want it to be, the only thing you absolutely have to do in your essay is answer the question/task you've set yourself. Provided you do that, there's no real need to encapsulate the gist of your essay into a single sentence at any point except for in the conclusion! I imagine your title should be something like "An analysis of the role of the sun in [book] by [author]". Then answer it in whatever manner you want, in three parts, ten parts or whatever. Will you have enough to write about with just three points in your essay? That would be my only concern.

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My thesis was similar to yours, I discussed how the Christmas tree in A Doll's House symbolised the protagonist Nora. I worded mine as:

How is Nora's character objectified in the Christmas tree?

The statement/ question doesn't have to be too complicated at all...



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