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English Lit&Lang Written Task Rationale help please

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Hi guys, writing my first written assignment soon,

However, first, I have to write a rationale.

As this is my first time, I'm freaking out. The topics that are available for me are "What I am" by Eminem, "Ice Ice baby" by Vanilla ice, the telephone conversation by Wole Soyinka, River of blood speech by Enoch Powell.

I am leaning towards Eminem's "What I am" but I don't know what I should write about. Having seen examples from the forum, many people have opted to write diaries based on poems or works of literature. However, I don't see an applicable written task that I can write based on this.

Please give in any suggestions or comments or just help me to the extent of your abilities. Thanks alot!!

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Ok jolthan, let's see what we can do to help you on your way.

If you mean WA (literature)...

You should have had three stages to prepare you for the actual writing. 1. Interactive oral 2. Reflective statement 3. Supervised writing. All in class. Did this not take place?

Your teacher would have given you prompts for writing.

The fourth stage, the actual writing of the final essay, is the last. If you are at this stage, without any of the previous, the. Something is wrong.

If, as I think, you mean the WT (task) for the Language and Literature course ( Am I correct?) then ...


In your rationale you must explain:

how the content of the task is linked to a particular part of the course

how the task is intended to explore particular aspects of the course

the nature of the task chosen

information about audience, purpose and the social, cultural or historical context in which the task is set.

The rationale should not only include knowledge about the text or topic studied, but also about the formal conventions of the text type produced and how they relate to the aims of the task.

You will have to think about /remember what you covered in class and which curriculum topics your teacher chose to focus on. Your rationale effectively links your Eminem song to the focus of the course. Your rationale ensures that your text and WT conform to what has been studied and that you are revealing your understanding of these. I can't help more, because it is for you to think about how exactly your song conforms to what you have been studying.

As for the actual task, see what creative task your chosen text lends itself to.

It really depends what you want to expose in terms of your course learning. a Blog? Transcribed interview? If you have lyrics, then you could usefully try transforming the content into another form (editorial, for example) to reveal an understanding of how the form affects the message. Take a poem and make it look like a newspaper column, and it will be understood rather differently. That's how you find out what a poem does and a column does differently. Your rationale would make this clear and your purpose too.

Good luck!

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