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Hi! I have just begun IB this year. I chose:

History HL

Geography HL

English B HL

Polish A SL

Math SL


I want to study business or law, but I am constantly worried that my choice of subject is not... Ambitious enough. I would gladly take econ but it is not offered at my school. Should i change my subjects?

Also, is itr eally hard to get a 7 in hist and geo HL? Because that is what I have heard.

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Hi! Welcome to IB Survival :)

Well, to answer part of your question, History HL is definitely not easy to get a 7 in. You need to seriously be prepared to put in a significant amount of work, as there is a huge amount of content to study! Although the grade boundaries are quite low, it's because the subject is very challenging. Getting the higher marks on the essays requires you to really know the area of study very, very well. Not only do you need to describe the event, you need to analyse statistics and historiography to come to your own conclusion; synthesising all information available.This requires a lot of memorisation, and extra, individual work on your part.

But, as someone currently getting 7s in History, if you're prepared to get in the work, you'll get the grades. If you learn the events, dates and historiography effectively, and are able to bring these all together in an essay, then you will do will. Getting a 7 is definitely achievable- but it does require a lot of work!

As for Geography- my school doesn't offer it so unfortunately I have got no idea!

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