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IB Past Papers

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I have my final exams in November this year, and I need some past papers.

I've tried looking for past papers for Math HL online, but I can only find 2008, 2009 and some 2010 papers only. I also need the may and nov 2011 and 2012 papers.

Anyone know where i can get them ?


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Hey there.

The easiest and most efficient method of getting past papers is by simply typing (or copying and the pasting) the code on the top of any past exam paper you already have onto a search engine (i.e. Professor Google). They all follow a trend. For example, Math HL for Nov 2011 would be: N11/5/MATME/HP1/ENG/TZ0/XX

N = November (which can be changed to M for May)

11 = 2011 (can change to any year)

5 = Group of the subject

MATME = code name for the subject (e.g. biology is BIOLO, chemistry is CHEMI)

H = Higher level (S for standard)

P1 = exam paper

ENG = language of exam paper

TZ0 = timezone (can change to TZ1 and TZ2 for May)

XX = not sure ...

M = markscheme (you just have to add the letter at the end).

Hope this helps!
All the best :)

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You can buy past papers in the IBO store or get them from your teacher. Googling is also a method. :) However, we do not have any on IBS nor do we allow people to exchange them via our forum. :)

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