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Design Technology - Major Project Questions

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Guest drtech

So DP2 students your Major Project should be well underway? Or maybe you are still struggling through the initial stages? :confused:

Well now is the time to ask questions -

Whether you are still confused about the DT criteria and what is partial and what would be considered complete?

If you are stuggling with managing your time, or the structure of your project?

Or even still struggling for a focus and have not managed to find your "constructive discontent" as of yet?

Or any other questions... then please post a question to this forum...

Dr T

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Hey! I was real glad I found this thread since I was experiencing trouble with finding a design context for my major project.

First of all I was wondering wether or not we're graded based on the creativeness of our idea? or is the grading focused more on what we do with it?

Could you please tell me if this idea is good enough:

Designing a table that is placed outdoors (in a park/farm), this table is multifunctional (offering light, storage space, idk what else yet)

constructive discontent; http://www.designingfire.com

my table will use a green source of energy (idk a biofuel/ a battery that stores solar energy/ etc), whereas the one mentioned in the link above uses propane.

So… should I go ahead with this project or change it?

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