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IB SUBJECT PACKAGE/ - Difference between SL/HL History/English Lit

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I want to go into science (life sciences; genetics, evolution, biochem), or either experimental psychology (or neurology.)

My current subjects are:
HL Biology
HL English
HL History
SL Physics
SL Maths
SL French

**I will however, be swapping SL Physics for HL chemistry as it is preferred by universities given the course I'm interested in. (I love physics but, sacrifices and reality…)
So, as you can guess, I will need to be dropping either HL History or English Literature. I did NOT do IGCSE History but I do find it interesting.

HL History or HL literature?
Is there a SIGNIFICANT difference between SL and HL History qua workload?
Is there a SIGNIFICANT difference between SL and HL Eng. literature qua workload?

I obviously aim to prioritise the sciences and I know it must stay realistic and doable.

Would you say this entire package is too demanding?
My biology skills are good.
My english skills are good.
My history skills, well, I know it involves a lot of essay writing but so far so good.
I find chemistry quite challenging thus would require a lot more effort than usual but I'm up for it!
Maths… I've neglected maths (stupid, yes.) thus, I must boost the effort levels. But I will manage.
French, alright, let's just say if I didn't have to take a second language, I wouldn't.


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In IB history, the skills necessary for HL and SL are similar but the amount of content varies. The IA, Paper 1 and Paper 2 are identical and are marked at the same standard - only the percentage is different. For both levels you really need 2 years of practice to get to the right level of development to take the exams. However, the HL option is a lot more content to learn.

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