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Chemistry HL or English HL?

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I'm undecided about whether to do English A1 HL or Chemistry HL and I have to make a final decision soon. :wacko:

So far I've gone with HL English because we've started the content already (Chemistry not until next year) but I'm still on the fence.

I really want to know the differences between Chem SL and HL and my teacher is not at all helpful, so what are the differences?
I'm fairly good at both subjects (but I don't particularly enjoy either), but think I would be able to get a decent grade in whichever.

Is one easier to get good marks in?

Ideas? Advice? :D

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Well, I do both Chemistry HL and English HL.

In terms of work load, Chemistry HL is much more than English HL.

However, personally, I find Chemistry HL more enjoyable than English.

You need to do a lot of practice for chemistry, in order to ace it! However, if you are naturally gifted or good at English,
the workload in that case would be very minimal and so I would recommend English.

In terms of the difference between chem sl and hl, Chemistry SL is 11 topics for the core, however HL is 11 + 9 topics (extensions to topics 2-10). There are areas that are a little tricky but with practice you'll be able to master them.

Also for the options, you just have an extension part to the sl topics.

Ideally, both subjects need practice! However, it really depends on which subject you'd think you would enjoy and perform better in.

Best of Luck! :)

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Thanks for the super quick reply!

Chemistry does sound more appealing because of the format of the exams (I prefer the science style exams rather than writing pages and pages for english). But seeing as our teacher does NOT teach us anything I would really have to teach myself the work :unsure:
The main thing making me hesitant about English HL is the IOC, but I think I'll have a chat with my teacher.

Thanks again (:

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Honestly, If you're devoted enough, you can teach yourself chemistry .. along with videos on youtube if unclear.

English SL have an IOC too, don't they? :hmmm:

and the IOC is not that bad....

trust me I was freaking out.... but the 10 minute went by so fast!



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