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IB Coordinator forcing me to drop subjects

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Today I was called in to my IB Coordinator's office because they were worried about my health. While I've handled my workload with my extracurriculars and other commitments, I'm not going to lie in that the stress has been getting to me a teeny, weeny bit. I spent all of summer before IB2 preparing and finishing off my SATs, and then resitting the SATs to get a perfect score. I then had to write US College applications and my UCAS Personal Statement, alongside building on my work experience, finishing my EE and ToK essay and preparing for the English Olympiad and reclaiming my place as Handball Team Captain. I essentially had no summer.

School has just restarted and while I've gotten almost all of my IAs under control, my daily workload, which has always been intense, is beginning to wear on me a little. I can't afford to take any time off because I can't afford to fall behind on my lectures and such.

My IB Coordinator wants me to drop Theatre and Dance HL completely and just focus on my IB Diploma subjects. I don't agree with her. I think my problem is that I'm tired and I haven't had any kind of extended break since the summer before IB started. I know that if I can just hack it for another 10 days, I'll have my two-week Diwali vacation, where I'm not going to study at all and my parents have agreed to take me away to visit my grandparents in a different city, where I will do nothing but relax and unwind. But my IB Coordinator isn't buying it. Just because the school nurse 'thinks' I'm 'clinically exhausted'! And they didn't even respect my desire to get a second opinion!

How do I convince my IB Coordinator to stall her decision until she sees how I perform after Break?

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how about you ask your parents to formally meet your IB coordinator or send a letter. Or maybe you could send a medical certificate from your family doctor stating that you are absolutely fine. Might help.

Good luck!

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