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Psychology EE- the prisoner abuse of Abu Ghraib explained through social psychology

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I need help in starting my psychology EE. My broader topic is "The prisoner abuse of Abi Ghraib explained through social psychology". I'm going to go through different social theories dealing with group behaviour (groupthink, grouptyranny etc.) and I'm going to use different experiments such as Zimbardo's Stanford prison experiment and perhaps the Milgram experiment. I'm also going to study Kurt Lewin's theories on group dynamics. Other psychologists whose theories and studies I'm going to use are Susan Fiske, Lasana Harris and Amy Cuddy. So as you can see I have a pretty clear picture on what I'm going to do but I don't really know how I'm supposed to construct my essay? How do I start and in which order should I introduce the different points? Also in which section of the essay am I supposed to explain the situation of Abu Ghraib and define concepts such as "grouptyranny" or "groupthink"? If you could help me even a bit I would be really happy. Thank you in advance!

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It will be a really good idea to read the EE criteria and guide.. plus the EE checklist.It is explained what exactly they want you to write in your introduction and how to proceed later on.

If that's your first draft don't stress to much about it.

P.S Talk to your supervisor. :)

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