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Math IA on factors affecting paper plane flight

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I'll start off with saying that my math IA DRAFT is due in roughly 16 hours and at this moment in time I haven't figured out a way in which I can apply mathematics at a standard level to my IA topic, I plan on staying up all night so if anyone might have any ideas about this topic please tell me. Most importantly I need some maths to apply to my topic, like relationships, formulas, anything at all.

I have already done research on the factors affecting the flight and the aerodynamics of paper plane flight.

forces acting on a paper plane and the factors affecting these forces:

• thrust - i'm not sure

• gravitational pull - mass attached to the paper plane

• air drag - affected by end flaps of paper plane, similar to those on the middle of the wings of a real airplane.

• lift - affected by wing size

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Might be too late since I'm writing this 25 hours since you posted, but I don't really see how you could do anything with it either. That'll require extensive knowledge on aerodynamic engineering which would be far to complicated for an EE, let alone an SL IA..

To be honest, a completely different idea would probably be suitable. Try to find something that you can clearly see how to approach it, then work from there.

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