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CAS reflection form - please help!

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I'm a first year IB student, who started only a month ago and have big problems with CAS.

We spent only two hours with our IB coorginator who told us one week ago that we're supposed to bring her a CAS reflection form until tomorrow! She said that there's a special form or sheet on ibo.org but I haven't seen anything - is it really? It would be easier to have something like that cause right now I don't really know what to write. I've seen some samples in the internet but they were very different and I would like something more formal.

By the way - I still haven't decided fully on my CAS activities and from what I have seen I am supposed to who is my specific activity supervisor and where this activity will take place. How can I do this not knowing everything yet? Does it mean that I have already missed my first deadline? Was there really a deadline on 10th October connected with CAS reflection? I haven't seen it on ibo website.

I'm still waiting for the response from supervisors. Can I somehow finish the reflection anyway?

Thanks for help, as you can see I'm totally new to this.

EDIT: I've attached a sample CAS sheet - is oit the right one?

Cas reflection.docx

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Well my school has had quite an independent approach to CAS, they introduced us to it and provided us with all the forms and information. The only deadline we have really had was at the end of IB1, when they required us to have 60% of CAS done (if I'm correct it was a school imposed deadline, so not enforced by the IBO). We had a general plan for our CAS projects but they weren't "official", so we were still able to change projects here and there as we pleased. So I advice you to have a general plan if your school allows this, so that you can figure out who will be your supervisor etc. later.

I haven't heard anything about the October 10th deadline, I'm in IB2 so that probably affects that but when I was in IB1 we didn't have anything like that so I'm assuming its a school imposed deadline.

I have never seen a CAS sheet like that... just has the title and no directions. That's pretty bad imo. I attached the one that we use! Its way more detailed and official. I don't know if there are any official CAS forms (there are like a billion forms for each CAS project), but if there are, then I'm pretty sure this is the official CAS reflection form!

Hope this helped :)

Self reflection form.docx

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Thanks a lot.

The file I attached wasn't the right one but right now I don't really know how to attach files in replies (I've only started).

The one I got was very similar so everything is fine now. I've talked to my IB coordinator and she said I can deliver the CAS reflection on Monday so it wasn't a deadline, really. So I guess it's it. Now I'm waiting for the responses. I hope that all supervisors will respond soon...

Anyway, thanks :)

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