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TOK presentation assistance - Virtual Gaming and reality T

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I need help solidifying my knowledge issue for the TOK presentation

My real life issue is a mother playing farmville admits to the killing (she shook her baby quite vigorously) of her baby because she was interrupted playing Farmville. Possibly something of note is the women is 22 years old ( I don't know how i can incorporate it into the KI).

site-- http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-20021079-504083.html

The KI i extracted was

--- To what extent does virtual gaming change your perception of reality

I was told that ''reality'' was way to broad of a topic. Is there anything i can do to improve? Or is there a better KI for this.

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Hey there,

1. I think your KI is pretty good, though if it were me I would change it to "How can we know....." rather than 'To what extent' because then you will be forced to analyse the ToK aspect of it. And you could link that into your Real Life issue by seeing if the women had a history of mental illness, anger management issues, had been drinking etc to see if maybe other factors were the cause. Thereby seeing to what extent virtual gaming affects your perception of reality and also addressing how we can know that the cause was virtual gaming (coz i think it'll make it more...Tok-y). I think it's an interesting topic though, and certainly relevant and a current affair.

2. Also please don't use that font, it's kind of hard to read so people may be less inclined to respond :)

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By the way.... good luck with ur exams Khimber :)

Thank your for your advise. Yes she (alexandra tobias) has a array issues. She has a been in

- in violent relationships

- depression because her mother died recently

- In jail, she told inmates that she shook her baby and smashed his head on the computer monitor, but then changed the story to blame it on her ex, her mother, even a dog

- A psychologist named Stephan Bloomfield said that Tobias' depression is rooted with her upbringing under a mother who was diagnosed with bi-polar disease and

- Sadly, there's much more.

Something of note from all of this, is the manor to which she would always blame others. She NEVER admits she is completely at fault for the death of son. This i think applies to the new generation today, cultivating excuses to justify certain behaviours . However Alexandra Tobias is perhaps the most extreme case. Her plea to the judge says it all really... she was distracted by the baby crying whilst playing Farmville and got agitated.

So this is my new KI

-- To what extent does virtual gaming change your perception of personal responsibility.

- what do you think about it.... suggestion on what i can talk about in it as well would be nice.

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