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TOK Presentation Help?

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I am trying to get started on formulating my TOK presentation, but I'm having some trouble getting focused. I want to do a presentation that is based on what ethical implications, if any, artistic expression carries as well as to what extent is our collective identity shaped by the arts; I was thinking about relating to works such as Picasso's Guernica or (maybe...) Satrapi's film/visual novel Persepolis.

The KIs I have written down are:

In what ways, if any, does art reveal truth?

Are artists held to an ethical responsibility?

What is to be considered immoral within the context of the arts? Is immoral art invariably "bad" art?

To what extent are the arts limited by normative ethical standards?

Is any of this alright? Should I scrap some things, or everything?

Thanks in advance! :)

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These are definitely appropriate KI s for your TOK in art and for what you have in mind.

But having seen your topic (one that interests me passionately) , it occurs to me that this would be perfect for you ...


and also


And to complement this last


Good luck!

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