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Maths IA Questionnaire: SATs scores vs IB predicted scores

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Something you might want to discuss in your IA:

I've never taken the SAT but I scored poorly on the PSAT: 143 if I remember correctly. However the PSAT / SAT scores don't mean much if you don't know how the system works: the fact that you lose points if you get a question wrong, and are not well prepared for it, and enter the exam room without knowing what style questions you're expected to answer... I'm doing reasonably well in the IB but I know that if I decided to take the SAT now I wouldn't get a score greater than 1500. The point I am getting to is that some students, especially those from the US, are much more prepared than us Europeans to take the SAT and a good grade in one of them doesn't guarantee a good one in the other. So you probably will find a positive correlation, but there will certainly be anomalies.

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