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Extended Essay on Literature and Performance

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So I have a few questions.

1. Am I able to use Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Les Miserable by Victor Hugo, or Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy? I've heard that students weren't allowed to use books on the IB books lists but I didn't know if it was true, sooo.

2. Would this research question be okay to start with? I know I need to make it more specific but can I use it for a general question?

How does the meaning behind (the work's name) by (the author's name) change in the movie performance?

3. Who would be a great advisor for this essay? I'm choosing between my drama/ ib theatre teacher, my IB English teacher and my TOK teacher. The thing is that my drama teacher is always really busy with plays and other things and she never gets grading done so I don't feel like she will be able to give enough attention to my work. I don't really feel comfortable talking to my TOK teacher because she is kind of old and has a lot on her mind. (should have retired 7 years ago) My English teacher is really busy with stuff but I don't know if she would be qualified for the "performance" aspect. So which one should I choose?
Thank you!!!

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.First, based on the description you gave above, it sounds as like your IB English teacher is your best bet.

Admittedly, your circumstances are not ideal, if everyone who can help you is preoccupied or "busy" -- and this is an important, involved, long- haul project! The most challenging for many.

Your topic is a step in the right direction (a comparison of work and image) but - as the advice often is for almost everyone doing the EE -you need to narrow it down. What aspects of the work's performance are most interesting to you? Which differences between work and film strike you? Any in particular?

Just talking about the differences between film and work, invited by your current formulation, is not really enough. You'll end up with a blow-blow description, not an analytical essay. But don't worry, reworking your topic to fit the norms and criteria of the EE is a normal process :) it takes time and you want a really good topic formulation and thesis to set you on the right path.

You must check with your school on which works you can use. Strange that you have been prohibited from using works on the IB LIST (do you mean the PLA?) How about asking your coordinator? Mine knew all the details for each discipline in the school and was pretty dedicated. Yours may be a good bet too.

Just remember that you are taking an inter-disciplinary subject and therefore fit into Category 1 and Category 6 ... So what counts as a relevant EE for these, works for you. I think you are right on with a comparison, as this conforms nicely to the inter-disc. nature of your disc. subject

I'll get back to you if I find out more.. Let me know if this was useful and if you have any other questions. Perhaps others will weigh in with good advice in the meanwhile... :)

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