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Is it possible to self study Geography HL?

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Is it possible to study Geography HL by myself out of school as my school does not offer it?

I know it will mean a heavier workload but I'm looking at a field like Sustainable Development and Urban Planning for university studies, and I believe that Geography will give me a really good foundation for that.

I checked out the syllabus as well, and it would be amazing if I could take the subject as it looks like something that I would be very interested in :)

Currently, the subjects I have chosen are:

Maths SL

English A HL

Economics HL

Biology HL

Psychology SL

Spanish ab initio SL

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Hey, I am taking geography HL, and I can safely say it is a subject that can be self-studied, mainly because the concepts are easy to get your head around if you have read from some good souces. There are plenty of books, websites and videos, which can help you get through- especially the topic s that you have mentioned are quite popular P.s you might be able to see some aa-level material on it, which is good if your just interested in the subject :)


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The only thing is that it might be hard to do the IA. Normally your teacher has to advise you no what to do and also mark it and submit it to the IB. You will have to talk to your school about that. Maybe they have a teacher that could mark it, but not teach you?

However content wise I cant see no problem, as long as you are motivated (which you appear to be). In many ways it would give you more flexibility in terms of case studies, options, etc.

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