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Referencing the collection of essays of different authors

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I have a problem with referencing in my extended essay namely I own a book that is a collection of essays of many different authors only edited by one guy. I have no idea how to referece it. Do I need to write every single essay title from that book that I used in my work or I just put one name of the whole book? And how to reference the author in the body of the essay - the name of the guy that collected it or the name of the essay's author?

My supervisor couldn't help me :c

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This page should be able to help you. It lists how to do it in both MLA style and APA style (not sure which you used, as you didn't say). The author is the person who wrote the actual essay, and the editor is the person who put all of the essays together. You will reference both the essay title and the book itself. In the body of the essay, reference the author of the essay itself, not the editor.

Here is a link to the page: http://www.ehow.com/how_8233616_cite-essay-collection-essays.html

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