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3. 'Knowledge is nothing more than the systematic organisation of facts". Discuss. Help needed

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I have chosen title 3 for my ToK essay. However, I need some help with my essay. Does anyone have any ideas? I have chosen to answer this question with reference to natural sciences and ethics. Which examples could I use?? I get the main idea. Knowledge is a process that involves the systematic organisation of facts BUT also requires the analysis/interpretation/experience/context of these facts. For example, a computer may systematically compile data on the characteristics of a person or thing without actually knowing the person or thing. As a keen geography student, I would like to try and use global warming as an example for natural sciences. Also if anyone has any links that might help, please do share.

Many thanks in advance!

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Just some tips really:

  • Remember to define all the terms in the question, most importantly what is KNOWLEDGE and a 'systematic organisation' and 'facts'. Also, does a systematic organisation of facts mean that someone else, probably an authority, organise our knowledge for us? Is this reliable?
  • When looking at this question look at different ways we 'know' through areas of knowledge. i.e. is knowledge through ethics really a 'systematic organisation of facts'? If it is, why is it that what we each know as 'ethically right' can change from person to person (specifically looking at culture)?
  • Remember to be critical, using your own opinion throughout, giving your own interpretations. Your insight into ToK should really come through with the essay
  • Good luck! I hope this helps! (sorry if it doesnt :crying: )
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