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EE GEOGRAPHY - which tables count?

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Currently I'm writing EE in geography and I'm lost in the matter of counting words.

I suppose that when I put a table from the Internet, the words it consists don't count. But what if I present my own table, with the results of an my investigation? Does this kind of table count?

Thanks for your help.


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Hey there, I'm doing a Geo EE too! :)

In case you're still wondering the following are not included in the word count:



Table of Contents

Maps, charts, diagrams, annotated illustrations and tables

Equations, formulas calculations





So basically the only things you include in your word count are the words in the text (obviously xP) and the heading titles

(That is what I believe to be true with the little knowledge I have, so if I'm wrong, sorry in advance but I'm pretty sure on this)

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