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English B EE

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I'm trying to find a research question for my EE. I'm not expecting anyone to find me one, I just need someone to tell me whether it's appropriate.

I can write something about past phonological changes of the language. How about that?

What can I write about "intrusive r"? I find it very interesting that some people feel the need to add "r" and I would like to investigate how that happened and how it changed the language?

It would be lovely if anyone could post interesting articles that would somehow give me an inspiration to come up with a topic. The idea is to base my ideas on development of the language, how changes affect culture, or vice versa...

Thank you very much

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While the intrusive r is a good start on narrowing your question, I feel like it's still pretty broad. English is a broad language with many, many dialects. Maybe if you focused on one particular geographical area where the intrusive r applies? I don't know. I think it applies in the southern US, most of the UK, and the southern hemisphere. [One of these things is not like the others haha!]

I should state that I don't formally study anything related to linguistics or phonology - I'm mainly going from my own interest in it. And if you don't know a lot of the terminology involved, it may be better for you to choose a different topic. It took me nearly an entire summer to understand what people were even talking about! If this is the case, maybe you could pick a slang term and talk about its development? That might work.

Good luck!

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