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Help with TOK essay? (Nov '13)

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This is a practice essay, and I decided on the question

“In the natural sciences progress can be made, but in the arts this is not possible.” To what extent do you agree?

I understand that I have to first define the term "progress." A problem I have with this question is I'm not sure if my definition of "progress" has to be the same throughout my essay? Also, do I just have a paragraph or two on how the natural sciences can make progress, and another paragraph or two on how the arts can also make progress (that is what I think)? Do I have to consider the other sides?(the problem is the ambiguity of the definition of "progress" creates the different sides. Would I have to talk about the others)?

Also, I'm not sure what the GOAL of the arts is... As you can tell, I am quite new to TOK.

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I think what you mean is that progress in the natural sciences would be more pragmatic in human application and use rather than stating there is no progress happening in art. You have to understand the two disciplines serve different purposes, therefore would have different formats of progress in them.

Is that what you meant? That the progress in science aims is more useable while the one in art may not have the same pragmatic purpose?

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