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History IA help- AI Conflict Balfour Declaration

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Hello! My History IA due date is quickly approaching and I am currently trying to perfect my research question. I have a pretty good idea on what I would like it to be about, but I am worried that my current question is not focused enough. Would someone please let me know if they think this is an appropriate question, or areas in which I could revise it to make it stronger? Thank you!

Edit: My history teacher requested that I take the question down so as to avoid any possible plagiarism accusations. If the mods would like to delete this post, please feel free to!

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I think its already a pretty concise question, me being only a history HL student like yourself.

My only advice would be to take out 'ultimately' simply because it leaves the investigation just that tiny bit more open for analysis. Then again, it will always be best to go to speak to your history teacher!

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