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final grades

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Hello everyone,

I`d like to know whether my predicted grades somehow influence me finals? or it is not really important that i`m getting now, if I have 4 in Langauge and literature can I get 6?

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Well, as far as I know your grades can change at any given time, even if you're graduating soon. In my school, the teachers always tell us that our current grades don't matter until they are official. So I think if you try hard, you can get 6 instead of 4 in Language and literature. One of my friends graduated last year and his Spanish mid-term grade was 3 and he managed to get 5 out of it so I think it's not something impossible especially considering you still got some time left.

As long as your teacher doesn't say you're grade is final you can fight for a better one.

Good luck!

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