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How to get good grades in ESS

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Hi! I am an ESS student taking my exams in may 2014!

I wonder what ESS books/texts you refer to when studying ESS. Which books do you feel that answer the syllabus at most? Do you have any advices for getting a good grade in ESS?

Personally I think that the pace is very slow in the classes compared to other IB subjects. I have never really grasped the idea of how to actually prepare myself for exams in ESS and I am starting to get a bit shaky...


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I used the most "Enviromental Systems and Societies by Andrew Davis and Garret Nagle"

You can also get it from the next WebSite


this website has learning resources and it help me a lot in this beggining of the year!

Hope it helps !

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If I am not mistaken, the previous post mentioned the same book that I use: the Pearson ESS book. (Pearson Baccalaureate books are just great! I also have them for Bio and Chem )

Read your book and make sure that you cover all of the assessment statements. Make sure that you possess knowledge related to all of the topics that the course deals with and practice writing the ESS essays! The way in which you structure the essays, actually, and writing itself, count towards a few of the points that the exam is graded on.

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