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Debating whether to switch to Math Studies?

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I started the IB at the beginning of September with these subjects:

English A lit HL

Biology HL

Economics HL

Geography SL

French A lang&lit SL

Math SL

I have been scoring well (at least a 6) in all of my subjects except for maths. I knew this would be the case because Math has always been my weakness, but I really don't want it to penalize me in my future studies. I definitely don't want to go into anything Science-related, more like something to do with journalism, media, or international relations. In terms of universities my first-choice country is the US, but I'm also looking into the Netherlands (Maastricht University) because it's a lot cheaper. I was wondering if switching down to Studies would penalize me in my university applications, and also if it would lead to difficulties when doing university-level math (I will definitely avoid it if I can but in some cases it is compulsory for the first few years)? I think I can get at least a 6 in studies as I have already looked at the exercises my friends in studies were doing. Please help because I have to decide by the end of the week!!

Thank you!

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Hi, Be careful of dropping to Maths Studies if you are looking at the Netherlands as they usually want Maths SL for Social Sciences and studies only works for the humanities.

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