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Helpful sites for Math SL IA/ Exploration

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I'm having trouble choosing a topic for my exploration. I want to research a specific mathematical formula/ cool thing ex. Fibonnoci sequence or Benford's Law or Pythagorean or the Golden ratio, but I cannot find any sites with a list of all of these mathematical patterns.

Found any helpful sites? Or have any ideas?

Please and thanks!!

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The taylor/mclaurin series would be a really good SL Maths Exploration. The golden ratio is related to the Fibonacci sequence, which might be an interesting thing to research as well. Symmetry, the Golden Ratio and how they affect beauty might be an interesting topic.

I'm not that familiar with Benford's law so can't really help you much there.

As far as the Pythagorean formula goes, I can't think of anything you could do that would be difficult enough to be a good exploration.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

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