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Choosing an IB HL art theme?

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Hi, i started IB late, so Im choosing my art theme now.

I am interested in architecture and engineering but I want to choose something that interests me.

I was thinking to choose steam punk as my theme and do several different pieces- on the fashion, buildings (for architecture) , robots and engines, etc. but im kind of worried that I wont be able to develop them e.g. The colours may all be similar as steampunk colours tend to be reds, browns, brassy not very bright. I was also planning on doing some texture work and may even build a 3d robot model.

Do you have any other ideas for themes in which i can explore many different aspects of the world (e.g. Animals, humans) but at the same time incorporate some pieces which involve buildings and/or engineering?

Thanks so much :)

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I don't do HL, but here are a few suggestions:

If you are worrying about something being too similar, all you have to do is change it around. Try and explore and develop these ideas by trying to look at how to make it seem different. You can incorporate this in your project and write about it in your workbook, like do a few pages on how different media changes the piece completely? And can you reinvent something with new techniques?

All you have to do is show originality of thought and try expressing these problems.

There are many themes you can do and you don't have to stick to the same one. You could look at the human condition.. and maybe look at it in a very mathematical/engineering kind of way. Like use the techniques they use in architecture to describe something in order to describe the human condition or anything really. Just an idea.

Good Luck!

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Luckily, you no longer need themes! You can now feel free to explore whatever thought, idea or concept you feel like, whenever you feel like. So start off with the ideas you have now, and if you change your mind later, go for it!

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You should not feel as if you are being pressured in the way you create.

Art is something very personal and in order for your work to be truly honest you should not force any "theme" on yourself.

I recommend you do whatever you feel, just try to have a similar mood/atmosphere in your work.

After a while a theme should come out by itself really.

Looking at your interest my guess would be that something interesting for you could be:

- exploring humans as animals, investigating the prime desires, questioning the boundary between a human and animal.

- how civilized are we really (humans)? e.g despite the facade of social structures we are steered by basic, animalistic wants.

- Technology =/= being civilized Are we (humans) just animals with toys?

- exploring the actual difference between animals and humans - is it the technology, the social development, the moral values that differ us from animals?

Going back into your architecture/ engineering interests:

- How much is too much - critique of accelerated technological development - have we lost the spiritual values/morality etc etc?

- You could do something very much architecture related - explore the visual qualities, which attract people into buildings. in which way is architecture influenced by our prime needs (a need for security -> feeling cozy, protected.)

The term "Steampunk" is often not very appreciated in Fine Arts as it makes the fascination with rapid industrialization somewhat trivial.

You have said, that you don't like the bronzy - brassy colors of steampunk. In Art you can do whatever you want. You don't like them? Use clean silver.

I recommend you start with some issue, which you care about, something you want to bring across and go from there on how to portray it. It is far easier doing that rather than creating a piece and making up theory.

I am sorry for the messy post

Hope it helps.

Good luck

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Choosing an art theme is very important. The main thing is to relate the issues you have in your country, mainly culture to your pieces of art. The investigation work book has to have those concepts. I chose to do appearance and reality. I could for example relate this theme to political issues. But mostly you really have to reflect on the reason you have chose this theme and not do it just because you want to do a pretty piece of artwork. Every art HL student has to go through the process before starting any piece of art.

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